Invitation Tool

11 min Video

When a Christian neighbor or friend asks a question such as, “Who is your pastor or which denomination you belong to?”,  you can now invite them to watch this short video. It is a wonderful opportunity to share why we meet the way we the way we do.


Inevitable Tool

78% of People Watch Videos

78% of people watch videos every week. 100 million hours of video are viewed everyday on the internet. We believe that if we are to communicate NT truths to this media hungry generation we need to have a video presentation.


Internet Tool

On your Website

On your Assembly’s website. If you do not have a website, you want to have your site updated or need help integrating this video into your current website; please contact us at: 904 366 9474 or ashish@bethelcreations.org
Understanding sound doctrine isn’t the same as communicating it to others. It is high time that New Testament patterned churches invested in the projects like the one Ashish has started. We have lots to learn, as a network of assemblies, on how to best use technology to reach our generation with Biblical truth.
Jesse Gentile, Assembly Care Ministries INC, CA
In this age and time of media & technology, this video would be a great tool to introduce our fellowship to other Christians.
John Philemon, Elder, Park of the Palms, FL
In this high-tech era, the idea of using web-based video to reach people with New Testament Church truths is very timely
Don Naysmith, Southside Bible Chapel, Jacksonville, FL
We appreciate your efforts brothers, to share the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ some of us choose to meet with other believers, and meet in the Name of the Lord.
Frank Huston, Elder, Park of the Palms Church, FL
This is a great tool to communicate biblical truth to a new generation. I commend your efforts!
David Dunlap, Elder, Land O Lakes Bible Chapel, FL
“. . . for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14 comes to mind when I watch this video. What a brilliant way to share NT truths to our neighbors and the world.
Donovan McFarlane, Jacksonville Christian Assembly, Jacksonville FL
“… Finally someone is making an effort to communicate with the modern world about the existence of the 1200+ New Testament patterned churches of N. America & doing it in the place where people are looking. Web video is our modern day “Mars Hill” (Acts 17).
Jesse Gentile, Assembly Care Ministries INC, CA
“Thanks for this great tool that communicates how New Testament church principals are timeless. These truths practiced by 1st century local assemblies are still relevant and practiced today in 21st century gatherings of the Lord’s people.”
Doug Rice, Elder, Wheatland Bible Chapel, TX.

Curbside Appeal

Today the first contact point of your Assembly is often through the internet. As a poorly maintained church property would be a bad testimony, so also is an outdated website in today’s media oriented world.

Call us to avail this wonderful opportunity of having a dynamic website that is updated EVERY WEEK with News, Articles, Sermons, Upcoming Conferences, etc


Acts 18:13 “…This fellow (Paul) persuadeth men to worship God…” Our vision is to continue to produce more high-quality videos as a means of sharing NT truths that in turn generates a curiosity in people to worship God, looking to the scriptures for directions.  It is our desire to also produce videos on the topics like Assurance of Salvation, Would Apostle Paul be a Catholic, Methodist or a Baptist?

Unquestionably we live in a day where Christian evangelism is often big business. Similar to businesses that depend on its advertisements, promotions, fundraising, and programs, so does much of present-day “evangelism”. This was not the pattern that our Lord Jesus employed . . . READ MORE

Many of you know that this is a very costly endeavor. From renting equipment to hiring media professionals, the cost of a short ten-minute video can exceed 5 figures very quickly. Burdened of the Lord with this idea, we have trusted Him and used our available but limited resources to initiate this work. Our Head in glory will need to provide for this ministry to continue.

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