Sherman Fray
Sherman Fray
Bro. Sherman Fray is a commercial airline pilot.

With the responsibility of flying hundreds of passengers on a 747 airliner, would you expect a safety checklist & guidelines to be followed before each flight? With the responsibility of gathering to worship & serve a Risen Savior, would we expect God to provide a guideline or pattern to follow to meet His expectations? Commercial airline pilot Sherman Fray shares what he has come to know & practice regarding these matters.

People from very diverse backgrounds have come to know the joy of gathering in such a way that is driven by New Testament principles. The manner they have been led to believe what God has revealed on gathering in simplicity and truth with the Lord Jesus Christ as Head of the body.

The editing process of the actual invitation video tool has been done. But what remains is motion graphics, music, audio sweetening, color correction, and the list never ends. We recognize without the Lord’s provision that nothing will be accomplished for His Glory. We pray His will be done and covet your prayerful support to that end.